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Mr. Kirt 

Mr. Kirt is The First Italian Brand of Man’s Skirts.

Mr. Kirt was born in a small hamlet just outside Milan.

Mr. Kirt’s mission? Bring the man’s skirt to the western world and break all prejudices!

Years ago women were able to do the same thing by being able to wear pants…

Now it’s time for the man, after a break of 200 years, to resume wearing skirts!

You’re probably wondering why all this, aren’t you? That’s why:

Because a man’s skirt is a comfortable, practical and trendy garment that can be combined with anything.

Because with a men’s skirt you won’t go unnoticed. In a world of white cows, we are the purple cow.

Because a man’s skirt is perfect for differentiation, for being the voice out of the chorus and for being unique.

Because we believe in a future where man and woman can share most of their wardrobe, and the skirt can be the point of union of the two worlds.

From all these because our collection of models of men’s skirts is born.

But not only…We also believe that dressing is a way to express ourselves…..

That’s why Mr. Kirt has decided not to follow the seasons and the classic collections, but to offer you the opportunity to choose your men’s skirt as you want…..

Starting from the choice of fabric, you can match your favorite skirt pattern and start to be really unique!


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