About Us

The Brand

Mr. Kirt is a premium brand based near Milan, Italy.

The brand philosophy is based on minimalism, nonconformity and gender equality.

This translates into minimalist, out of the ordinary, unisex, seasonal and timeless tailoring.

All in accordance with the design and tailoring of Made in Italy.

Our Garments

All our garments are produced in Italy, from fabric to tailoring.

Quality materials, high tailoring techniques and hand finishing give life to what are our garments.

Our fabrics, such as wool, cotton and linen, are selected and chosen directly by a local Italian manufacturer and are produced as they used to be according to the manufacturing tradition.

Most of the colours chosen for our clothes are monochromatic in shades of black. This is because black represents the colour of revolution and break with the stereotypes of society as well as being a timeless and very wearable colour.

Our tailoring, which also works for major international fashion brands, with Italian tailors with over 30 years of experience, makes our products with the best tailoring techniques.

All this in order to give light to a strictly Made in Italy product.

Our garments are produced only after each order, to ensure the highest quality and care of the garment and to support a sustainable and waste-free fashion.

The Designer

Born in Milan in 1989 Davide Giannuzzi is the designer and founder of Mr. Kirt.

After a long period as store manager for well-known clothing brands, he decided to start his entrepreneurial career by opening his own online store and specializing in digital marketing and e-commerce.

Today, in addition to managing the brand Mr. Kirt, Mr. Giannuzzi works as a web designer in the province of Milan.

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