Skirts for man represent to date the most controversial and discussed item of clothing of all Western fashion.

Wearing a skirt for man on the street means attracting the attention of 90% of the people we meet.

This comes from a culture rooted in the Western world where the man can not wear a skirt.

Prejudices, mental states, beliefs, are among the main causes of this culture.

Only for 200 years, the thought towards this garment has turned into what it is today before it was normal for a man to wear a skirt.

Man Skirt Tartan Grey

The Mission 

So, here’s to you the mission of Mr. Kirt:

> break all preconceptions that a man can not wear a skirt, going against culture;

> open people’s minds to accept a new, different style;

> manage to make no one turn anymore for a man in a skirt, but only for the beauty of the skirt;

> break down the barriers between men’s and women’s wardrobes, and create multipurpose garments that can be used by both men and women;

> to guarantee the man a comfortable, simple and fresh garment, especially in summer;

> to make a skirt for man a common item in every man’s closet;

This is our great WHY,  this is our great mission that translates into our collection of skirts for man!