Who the f*** is Mr. Kirt?

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Our Story 

Mr. Kirt is an Italian brand born in a small hamlet just outside Milan.

The vision of the brand is a world in which men can also wear a skirt.

He decided to design and create skirts specially designed for men, and to found  the first brand of man's skirts

Thanks to a maniacal search for the perfect style, and above all the labor of Italian artisans, the men's skirts of Mr. Kirt are born.

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Our Skirts 

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Our men's skirts are think, designed and manufactured in Italy.

Each skirt comes from a drawing on paper.

Once the paper pattern is made, the first item is produced, which after numerous modifications and tests is approved.

After a careful selection, the fabrics are chosen for each model.

The fabrics used for the creation of the skirts are of first quality and mostly natural like wool, linen, silk, cotton and cupro, selected especially for a male audience in different patterns. 

At this point the skirts are sewn with the best possible workmanship, like handmade hem, and are all finished with a red satin edge, distinctive feature of the brand.

handmade skirts

This is how our men's skirts are born.

Each skirt is individually stitched after each order, so as to guarantee maximum care and high quality in the realization. 

Each garment is limited in number, in fact each skirt is unique in its kind

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Who the f*** is Mr. Kirt? 

Mr. Kirt with his vision aims to make the skirt an essential item in the closet of every man, suitable for every situation.

Mr. Kirt wants to give man the freedom to wear the skirt, giving the man of the future a unique and new style.

Now, Who the f*** is Mr. Kirt if not you that love this brand?