Welcome to Mr. Kirt Shop! 

Mr. Kirt Shop. Finally, a brand dedicated exclusively to men’s skirts has arrived. In a world now saturated and all the same, the only key to success is to differentiate. That’s how our shop for men’s skirts was born, that’s how Mr. Kirt was born. A shop entirely dedicated to men’s skirts, where you can discover a unique style, excellent quality and the work of truly made in Italy.

In the¬†Mr. Kirt Shop, you can¬†create your own personalized man’s skirt,¬†start with the fabric and match your favorite men’s skirt model;¬† discover in detail the characteristics of our models¬†understanding the one that’s best for you,¬†discover our¬†pochette,¬†an inseparable and fashionable accessory for the modern man, to create a perfect outfit with the men’s skirt. And, in the end, you can also¬†visit the Outlet section, where, if you’re lucky, you’ll find your favorite men’s skirt size and model.

Here you can take the first step to become part of Mr. Kirt’s world by sharing our values and becoming a man in a skirt!

Welcome to the man’s skirts world, welcome to Mr. Kirt shop!